No-Nonsense Mom Blog, Where Have You Been All My Life?

I’m not sure how this happened, but I am now the mother of two teenagers. It seems like yesterday that I was asking for PTO for field day at the elementary school. There are no more field days, but I’ve found that in these teen years I need to be more present than ever. 


Some of the new issues cropping up are unpredictable; they’re not the same things I dealt with as a teen. Also, these are two very different people than I am – so they will obviously have different challenges than I did at age 13 and 15. My friends don’t always have the same experiences either, so it’s time to turn to an online community.


I have always thought of “mommy blogs” as silly… stay-at-home moms posting about getting rid of stretch marks, or humble-bragging with a story about choosing the right Montessori school for a gifted child. I’m a practical, working mom who needs useful advice. 


I’ve finally found a pair of moms who understand what I need in a parenting blog. Cindy Goodman and Raquel Alderman run the Raising Teens Blog. They speak to the reader without trying to be too cute or funny, and the way the site is organized is fantastic. You can use the toolbars to browse by subject (School Issues, Parent-Teen Relationships, etc.), or search for advice on something specific (I just did a search on ADHD). When I have time to browse the latest posts, there are thoughtful pieces like “My Teenager Needed a Break from Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)” about the benefits of quarantine. I also like the way the posts are listed chronologically on the home page, with pertinent pictures. You can get a sense of whether you want to click on it from reading the first few lines.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. And feel free to share your favorite parenting blogs with me, too!

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